Providing medical care to patients requires a diverse and complex knowledge base and set of skills. Whether you are new to the field or have experience, FDM Legal offers a variety of resources to help you succeed.


Training staff is vital to ensure ongoing development and in-house training is a cost effective way to train a number of staff. FDM Legal is able to fully customise a course to suit your practice’s culture, procedures and strategic vision.

Training Modules


Practice Management

Debt Collection


Module 1: Introduction

Module 13: Designing a Credit Policy


Module 2: Basic Reception Skills and Duties

Module 14: Analysing Debtors to Plan an Effective and Targeted Collections Strategy


Module 3: Confidentiality and Patient Records

Module 15: Implementing Procedures to Avoid Bad Debt


Module 4: Informed Consent

Module 16: Ways to Improve the Effectiveness of Collection Activities


Module 5: Human Resources and The Basic Conditions of Employment in a Medical Practice

Module 17: How to Collect Bad Debt


Module 6: Billing and Payment Policies

Module 18: Record-Keeping and Diarising Procedures


Module 7: The General Ethics of Practice and the Doctor-Patient Relationship

Module 19: Negotiating Skills and Handling Objections


Module 8: Medical Aid Schemes and Dealing with Medical Aids

Module 20: Preparing Correspondence to Debtors